Oh what a beautiful day to come across such a beautiful sight to see.

I wouldn’t go as far to call myself “lucky” but I swear I will find the most beautiful places when I’m not searching for them. Yesterday my girlfriends, Ciera and Kat, came to visit Richmond and I had planned a whole day of little adventures. Our first stop was Agecroft Hall. On the way there we passed by a drop dead gorgeous building and all of our jaws hit the floor. It was right next to Agecroft so we decided to park and walk over first to see if it was open to the public.

At the gate there was a sign titling the beautiful Tudor palace “The Virginia House“…but there were also signs reading “visitation by appointment only”. Being the curious (and sneaky) young adults we are, we decided to walk through the open gate and see if we could take a peak before getting in trouble.

But as soon as we entered we were greeted by an employee who was kind enough to let us explore the gardens without an appointment. (After seeing how beautiful this place was I wanted to hug her. She’s the MVP)

So here are all of the photos I collected from our trip to Wonderland.

In their backyard was the most soft, fluffy, and buttery field. My heart stopped when I saw it.
Pretending we are in Pride & Prejudice
Ciera looking like a real life Alice.
so extra.
make a wish.

It was a beautiful moment I hope I will never forget. I went through an entire pack of film and filled up my iPhone storage with photos so I can go back and relive it’s beauty.

Later that day, we stuffed our bellies with delicious crêpes from Les Crêpe Carytown.

I had such a wonderful time with my friends and I can’t wait to see where else this summer takes me.

Remember to Always Love Who You Are.

xoxo, marta bean.


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