There is nothing better than lounging on the beach all day surrounded by positive energy and the people you love.

My besties and I decided to roadtrip to Croatan Beach for the day so we could all start off the summer with a bang! After a hiccup in the trip’s breakfast plans we got to the beach around 1:00pm and we were exhausted. We all put on sunscreen and laid out for a bit, listening to beach tunes. Around an hour later we were full of energy, ready to swim, eat, dance, and of course take photos.

There isn’t much you can write about a day spent swimming, tanning, and hanging out. We went in rotations of doing the same things but what I could write a book on was the energy of the day. Everyone was letting loose and having fun. There was no pressure to feel a certain way and by this I mean none of us felt unconfident in our bodies. There was no comparing ourselves to each other; instead anytime someone stood in front of the camera, 3 people would gather around and throw out the most absurd, creative, smile creating compliments.

If an ounce of self consciousness crossed anyone’s mind it was quickly shot down by the love and support of others.

One of my lifelong favorite quotes is “stay close to those who feel like sunshine”. Find people who make you feel warm and happy. So here is a toast to my rays of sunshine! I love you all and I wanted to share all of the beautiful photos I captured yesterday.

I am so grateful for the people in my life and I’m looking forward to more adventures this summer!

Always remember to Love Who You Are.

xoxo, marta bean.


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