When scrolling through Instagram it is so easy to get sucked into the beautiful places on your feed and explore page. If you’re like me, the majority of the people you follow live in California, Utah, New York, or they travel a lot. I love the content everyone I follow posts, the places and images are so beautiful and so so creative, but for a long time I envied them for it.

Since I knew that there was more to the world than Virginia I wanted to get out and experience it. Wanting to travel wasn’t my problem it was that for a long time I blamed Virginia for not providing me with gorgeous locations 24/7 for photos instead of blaming my creativity. For a few months now maybe longer I have been in a creative rut. I felt like everything around me was ugly or I wasn’t dressing cool enough, etc. I couldn’t get creative enough with my poses and the content I was creating. And as someone who LOVES creating content it was not a fun time period. So I needed to get the heck out of my creative rut and step one was to open my eyes and look for the hidden beauties of Virginia. Don’t get me wrong there are many gorgeous places in Virginia but it’s also a huge state so throughout this blog post I’m mainly talking about the Richmond to Fredericksburg area.

Today my Mom, little brother, and I went exploring on the Tuckahoe Plantation also known as the home where Thomas Jefferson grew up. The place all together was gorgeous and I was in awe. I’m usually dragged to historical locations by my lovely boyfriend and sometimes they are pretty and others…it’s just a bunch of signs that he MUST read…can you tell I’m not a history person? Anywho the Tuckahoe Plantation took my breath away. Even though it was full of beauty it was still quite challenging to capture unique and creative content. Simple outfit pictures were easy like the one above and below!

With the two photos I tried to be more creative with my posing and my mom (being the amazing photographer she is) played with angles and the florals around us to add dimension and layers to the photos. But my favorite photos were the most interesting and complicated to take.

There is a very famous saying in the blogger community “if you don’t feel awkward you’re not posing right”. Usually if you feel comfortable in your pose it’ll look to posed or too plain. To create the most natural poses or the most interesting/creative content you will most likely feel awkward. For me today, the awkwardness was my thighs being on FIRE from squatting in a bush.

For these beautiful Forsythia photos I had to squat into the bush to look like I was engulfed in the flowers. I showed my mom some inspiration photos I had pinned so she could get the idea and I LOVE what we got. It was worth the squat pain (I think I need to start doing more squats haha).

The moral of this little story of burning thighs and yellow flowers is to not find excuses and play victim. If you want something you can get it. Use your creativity to make it work wether its content creation or something completely different. It’s okay to get in ruts that’s fine but for me, my rut was letting myself drown in excuses. As soon as I started to push myself I’ve already taken some amazing photos and I’m really proud of myself. There has been gorgeous locations all around me this whole time.

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Outfit Details

Butterfly Blouse | Madewell

Levi’s | Thrifted (similar here)

Shoes | Madewell (similar here)

Necklace | Tiffany’s

Remember to always Love Who You Are.

xoxo, Marta Bean.


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