Hello babes! It’s been too long since I have chatted with you all on here. School has been absolutely hectic and I finally have some time to write a quick blog post for you all. Today we are talking all things New York Fashion Week. I have been DROOLING over so many designs from the runways and I wanted to share some of my favorites out of my favorites (if I showed you ALL of my favorites we would be here for awhile).

Let’s start with one of my favs, Zimmerman.

The detail in this dress BLOWS me away. I love how it was paired with black heels (love the bow around the ankle) and a big chunky black belt. It really defines the models waist amongst all of the ruffle. I love that her hair is a light natural wave and her make up is minimal, it helps draw all of your attention into the incredible outfit she is wearing.
There isn’t much I can say about this dress because it honestly left me speechless. The way it moved down the runway was enchanting. I love how the edgy construction of the dress contrasts with the elegant movement and color of the fabric they used. Also LOVE the boot they paired it with.
I am HERE for this upcoming trend in bows! I follow an abundance of Parisian bloggers on Instagram (thanks to this blog post here) and I could see all of them posing in front of the Eiffel tower or at a fancy restaurant with this look on. Its so feminine and chic. I love the way the skirt is constructed and how the beret matched it perfectly.
I adore all of the delicate details to this dress. I personally don’t love it with the black boots but I still had to share because its so girly, with a dainty floral, and well made. Would have loved this paired with a different boot!
Lela Rose

Lela Rose was one of my favorite shows just because of how creative and fun her runway was. Every blogger I follow who was there was giggling and raving about how fun her show was. Here are my fav looks and why!

This red jumpsuit is AMAZING. Gah it’s just the best shade of red and I love the details and soft construction of it. It’s very formal while still remaining bold with the belt and puffy shoulders.
Does the gorgeous dress make this look amazing or how well her little pup matches? This dress is simple, elegant, and a beauty. I love the bead-like detailing of it.
P.S while editing this blog post I noticed the dog is wearing bows…omg.
First things first this beagle is the CUTEST. Okay now, this outfit…omg. I’m not the best at describing my love or admiration for fashion because sometimes its so hard to pinpoint exactly what I love. I simply just loved this look overall; from the pattern, to the fun peplum shape of the top, to the length of the pants showing the smallest peak of a pointed toe boot.
This is gorgeous, I love her bleached short hair with this look, it adds a personality to it. Lela Rose I would love to see Meghan Markle in this please.
Her dress has doggos on it. And I just thought that was cute 🙂

I loved the 70’s vibe of this runway. The models were bouncing around, smiling, and striking quirky poses. I love that designers are becoming less stiff with their runways if their designs fit a happy, bouncy (for lack of a better word) vibe.

This color…yes. I love this matching set and the super on trend top (I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere). It’s the perfect clash of “boss girl” and street wear.
I need to live out my 70s dream in this jumpsuit. The floral pattern is so fun and it’s so cool and fashion forward with the matching open toe heels.
I. Need. This. Outfit. The BOOTS…guys. They used the best snake print for this shoe (at least I believe its a snake skin pattern). The two different color ways of plaid on the jacket paired with a matching (but reversed) pair of shorts. This whole look is so creative and fun. I would 10/10 wear this.
Red Valentino
You guys already know how inspired I am by ballerinas and to see Valentino use ballerinas as inspiration *gasps* I was immediately in love. The mixture of lace and floral on this dress is so beautiful, especially with the ruffles down the front.
Being a VCU fashion student I could name so many of my fellow classmates who would ROCK this look (especially with the sneakers!) It’s super edgy and chic at the same time.
I’m really into the pattern on this dress and I love the black bow tied around her waist. And this jacket is AMAZING.
I love how Valentino incorporated the ballerina inspiration into a gorgeous fall outfit. I love the blush pink pants, the flats with the lace around bows (that match perfectly with the bow around her waist), and the jacket is just beautifully made.

I could keep you guys here ALL DAY talking about looks I loved but I’m gonna keep you waiting until my Milan Fashion Week blog post (cannot wait to talk about Fendi’s show). Would you guys also want to see a Met Gala review?

What runway show was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Remember to always love who you are.

xoxo, marta bean.

larger images from VOGUE | smaller images from WWD


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