What is it with January and it being the longest and gloomiest month? For some of you this may not be the case, but for those who are dealing with the January Blues we will get through it together. Here is a list of some things we can do to turn these blues yellow.

1. Add something small into your routine.

Wether its drinking a smoothie every morning, reading for 15 minutes before bed, or putting a new body oil on after you shower, adding something new into your routine will start to get you back into practicing healthy habits. The January blues, for me, usually hits right after the spring semester starts when I lose track of time and start drowning in homework. One thing I want to start adding into my daily routine is a morning smoothie. They are quick and easy to make and you can take them on the go which is super helpful for me and my crazy schedule.

2. Read a self help book.

What better way to get motivated than to read a book all about how to stay motivated and get through a dull time? Check some of these out 🙂

Smart Girls Finish Rich by David Bach.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

3. Clean out your closet.

It’s a new year…it’s time to say goodbye to old clothes. Keep the basics and toss anything you haven’t worn yet this season, dated items, or things that you love but are sadly falling apart (I had a few of those… I know it hurts to toss them). But there is nothing better than opening your closet doors to a clean and organized closet full of room for step number 4.

4. Go out shopping!

If you feel like you’ve been cooped up in your house with work or homework it will feel so good for you to get out of your house and out shopping. Even if you are just window shopping, try some things on, maybe make some purchases to add into your wardrobe. Only purchase items that make you feel super confident so on your next gloomy day you can put them on and feel better.

5. Take a walk, Hike, or Workout.

Get moving and sweating! This post holiday season month where our jeans are tighter and sweet teeth stronger can be pretty rough on our self esteem. It’ll make you feel better to workout. You don’t have to get into a workout routine immediately but if you find yourself having some down time where you feel sad go out for a walk, hike, or hit the gym, I promise you will feel better and more confident after.

Don’t worry January will be over soon and then we will be one month closer to sunny months and all of the blues will be yellow.

Best of luck.

Always remember to love who you are.

xoxo, marta bean.


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