1. Kind Words Cost Nothing.

2. Chop Your Hair, Dye it, Be Expressive with it. It’s just hair; it grows back.

3. Your mom knows you better than you know yourself.

4. Time Heals. Even if it takes longer than expected.

5. Popularity isn’t worth it. Find friends organically and authentically. Don’t exclude or include someone just because of their rate of popularity, it’ll only lead to toxic/petty or short term friendships.

6. You can be healthy and fit if you just get up and do it. Mind over Matter.

7. Friends are for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.

8. It’s okay to be fearful but jump into it anyway.

9. It’s really boring to try to be like someone else. I know its hard to tell yourself to just be you because you don’t always know who YOU are. Just try to live the way you want to and don’t copy or act like someone you’re not.

10. Being emotional isn’t a flaw. Learn the beauty of how much you feel and how easily and beautifully you express happiness, love, and even sadness. At times you’ll need to recognize you’re taking something a little to seriously and lighten up.

11. Baking cures stress.

12. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine but flower fields are always a good idea; rain or shine…seriously you’ve been to one in a thunderstorm AND tornado twice.

13. Painting is therapeutic wether you’re good at it or not.

14. The hike is always worth the view. It also gives you time to think and push yourself to the top.

15. Stock up on film and capture all of your favorite moments.

16. You can’t please everyone.

17. Poetry is the best escape. Write your negative feelings down and you’ll feel better.

18. You are your biggest critic.

19. Everyone has their own life time and they can take things at whatever pace they’d like.

20. Love Who You Are.

Here’s to twenty.

xoxo, marta bean.


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