Are you looking for the perfect gift for her? The one that will light up her face, turn her cheeks rosy, and leave her smothering you in kisses? This blog post is the perfect place to look, I’ve made a collection of gifts she will love and they come in a range of prices!


Sapphire Hoops | $59

Ever since I received these hoops from Mejuri (photo above), I have worn them everyday. They are so beautiful and dainty. She will love these as a gift, they also come in adorable packaging.

Initial Necklace | $125

Your initial on a necklace is one of the most romantic gifts…ever since Troy Bolton did it in High School Musical 2 of course. But seriously, if you are in a more serious relationship, you’ve been dating for awhile and you want to get her something that’ll remind her of you when she wears it, this is the perfect gift. And as Taylor Swift sang, “I want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck…not because he owns me, but cause he really knows me”.

Chloe | $105

Perfume is always a romantic gift especially if it’s a scent you picked out and liked. To narrow down your choices I personally love any perfume by Chloe. I personally wear her original, but she also has one called Love Story and a floral one that also smells beautiful.

Cashmere Mockneck Sweater | $98

Cashmere is a luxury item that she may not treat herself to very often. It is an incredibly soft knit material that will keep her cozy and warm during the remaining winter months.

Earring Set | $46.40

These beautiful earrings are such a sweet gift for you love.

Love Is Love Mitten | $38

Keep her hands warm with these hugs and kisses mittens.

Merino Wool Blanket | $125

This gift is perfect for your girl if she loves cozy home decor, or if you two plan on moving in together soon. These blankets have been incredibly popular on Instagram this year and they look super cozy. They also come in many different color options.

Train Tickets 

Get her two train tickets for a state nearby and go explore a new town for a day or two. It is so fun to experience a new place with your loved one, even if it isn’t somewhere super touristy! Photo from here.

Teddy Coat | $79

Softest coat ever…also so she can stop stealing yours 😉

Polaroid Camera | $130

So she can capture all of your moments and memories and more.

Lock Necklace | $89

Do you have the key to her heart? Or is her heart the key to yours? Either way this lock necklace from Mejuri is so beautiful and dainty. It will easily become an everyday necklace for her.

Elegant Ring | $215

This ring is so simple and elegant it is the perfect gift for her wether it’s a promise ring or simply just a ring for her 🙂

Love Poetry Book | $14.99

If you can’t find a way to put your love for her into words let someone else help. It’s the thought behind it that counts. You can even highlight your favorite ones, or write cute comments in the margins.


I hope this gift guide helped you find the perfect gift for her or maybe sparked some inspiration! No matter what you get her, I know she will love it because it came from you, her special someone.

Remember to always love who you are.

xoxo, marta bean.


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