Do you ever get in those moods where you want to throw away everything in your closet and start fresh? I feel like I’ve been in that mood since last year and I honestly believe its because of my age.

Wether I like it or not I am pretty much an adult now and will be turning 20 in December. As I have gotten older and started to mature, I’ve started to steer away from a lot of the clothes that I used to wear and purchase all of the time in high school. I don’t buy as many on trend pieces but instead I purchase more higher quality staple pieces that I know I won’t be dropping off at the goodwill next season.

When we moved into our new house I had to downgrade my closet a lot and I noticed how many items in my closet had holes, or felt dingy and old because of the quality of the fabrics. I also noticed that I wasn’t gravitating towards the trendy pieces I had purchased. My style started to transfer to a more muted color palette and I became very picky about the patterns I wore.

For today’s blog post I want to begin this journey with you all with sharing the basic pieces I have started purchasing to build up my new wardrobe. I also want to share tips and tricks along the way 🙂

Invest in GOOD Jeans

If you are anything like me, you aren’t a jean lover. I’m more of a dress girl and I don’t like to wear really tight clothing items, but recently I’ve discovered that the quality of the clothes I was wearing played a huge role into my disliking of jeans. When it comes to your basic blue jeans I highly recommend spending good money on them. In high-school I remember asking my mom to buy me new jeans every year because my ones from the year before were uncomfortable and falling apart because I wasn’t investing in good quality. It may put a dent in your bank account this year but next year you can use your jean money towards something else! I personally recommend Madewell Jeans (this isn’t just because I work there). I really love Madewell’s quality and their mission to give their customers the best quality jeans for the best price.

  • Tip #1 | At Madewell you can donate an old pair of jeans (any brand/men or women’s) and receive $20 off of a brand new pair of Madewell jeans.
  • Tip #2 | If you are looking for a good quality jean but want to save as much money as you can use the tip above and then purchase the Madewell Roadtripper Jeans. These jeans are price pointed at $75 and are Madewell’s most affordable denim (including sale denim prices). With the $20 off coupon you would only be paying $55 for a great pair of jeans. The Roadtripper Jeans come in black and a medium wash.


Black Opaque Tights

In the fall time, when let’s be really ladies we don’t want to shave our legs as much as we do during the summer, black opaque tights are a life saver. They also can turn any outfit into a super chic look. I personally love the Target brand A New Day tights. They aren’t super itchy and they don’t slide down. It’s funny now how much I love tights because when I was younger I quit dance because they were too itchy. My college essay was actually called “Pink Itchy Tights” but thats a whole other story!


Black and Brown Booties

If you are going to embrace fall with any two shoes it should be a pair of black booties and a pair of brown booties. These are the most versatile shoes and they can be dressed up or down. For example I wear my black booties with my opaque black tights and a dress or I’ll wear them with jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. Same goes with my brown ones as well. I got my black booties last year but I have had my brown American Eagle ones forever.

  • Tip #3 | If you plan on purchasing these shoes and do not own rain-boots I recommend purchasing at least one pair Vegan Leather that way you can wear them on rainy days and you won’t have to worry about ruining them in bad weather.


Invest in Layering Pieces

Last weeks blog post was all about these specific pieces and I will link it here. More good layering pieces are

  • White long sleeve top and/or a white turtleneck
  • Solid color cardigan
  • A black sweater
  • A lent brush…oh wait thats just me (palm to forehead)


Create A Color Palette

One thing I always struggle with when shopping is creating outfits with the things I buy. I would purchase a bunch of trendy pieces with all sorts of colors and I would come home and not have anything to style my new pieces with. The two tricks for this is to have basic staples in your closet and a color palette. Example: If you buy a super trendy skirt it’s always nice to have a black or white bodysuit to pair with it. For creating a color palette I would start with basing it around the colors you feel your best in. For me personally I like the way I look in neutrals and certain tints and hues of pink and blue. In my wardrobe I obviously have some pops of other colors but the majority of my closet is slowly becoming this color palette and it makes creating cute outfits so much easier. When you purchase a new clothing item you want to be able to style it more than one way with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I’m planning on doing a blog post very soon about how to style one item multiple ways!


Spend Now, Save Later

Obviously you don’t want to drop your savings on a brand new wardrobe full of pricier items but with certain pieces it’s better to spend more money now, instead of repurchasing every year. These are the things you should invest your money in

These are all pieces that will never go out of style and if you invest in a classic, good quality item now, you will be able to purchase something a little more trendy and fun the following year because you will have your basics to build off of.

Happy shopping and wardrobe make-overing!

Remember to always Love Who You Are

xoxo, marta bean.




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