This morning I had to defrost my car and that’s when I realized that I needed to start layering up. We are now (in Virginia at least) being fully embraced by fall, where it’s 31 degrees in the morning and then 60+ during the day. This is when layers come into handy so you can easily change your outfit to fit the constantly changing weather thorough-out the day!

Today I want to share with you all some basic essentials to have in your wardrobe to create the perfect layering outfits.

Layering Essentials

1. You want to start the outfit off with a thin but warm sweater. I like to go for something solid so I can pair any scarf I want over it! This one from H&M is only $35!


3. The next step is to add a scarf! I prefer blanket scarfs because they give your outfit a lot of dimension and texture because of the many ways you can drape and style them. I love this one from Madewell.


4. The last layer for my outfit was my oversized denim jacket. Mine is from Madewell and I really love how worn in it feels even though I’ve only had it for a month so far! If it’s colder where you are you might want to opt out for a warmer jacket.


5. After these layers you can add whatever else you’d like to the outfit. If you’ll be walking around the city all day you would want to wear a pair of sneakers. If you’re going to the pumpkin patch you may want to dress it up some with brown boots. Of course add your favorite pair of blue jeans for a fun denim on denim look!


I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration for how you want to layer your clothes this fall 🙂

Remember to always love who you are <3

xoxo marta bean.


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