The other day I realized that I have never shared a favorites blog post with you guys and I was SHOCKED! These posts are one of my favorites to read because I love trying out new products and learning about the things people love. So, without further ado here are a few of my favorite things <3


My CaseApp cases!

I am so thankful to be working with CaseApp to bring you all this blog post today. Last year I loved decorating my laptop case with fun stickers but this year I wanted to make it more sleek and aesthetic. I used CaseApp’s custom design feature and designed my very own laptop skin using photos from my Tumblr. I then chose a new phone case from the many designs made by artist on their site (pictured in the first image and below).


If you want to grab yourself a custom or designed phone case/laptop skin from CaseApp you can use my discount code MARTABEAN20 fro 20% off your purchase <3


My Madewell Eco Jeans!

I work for the best brand ever! Recently Madewell released their Eco denim collection and I bought the high-rise slim boyjean pair! I am obsessed with them not only for their fit but also for the fact that they are eco friendly! To make these jeans they require 65% less chemicals and 75% less water than conventional fabric. How awesome is that!

Think Dirty!

My mom showed me this app the other day and I am in love with it! You guys know that I have been really trying to clear my skin and also be more environmentally friendly. This has led to me wanting to put healthy things on my skin and use products that aren’t bad for the environment. The Think Dirty app is perfect! On the app you can search your everyday products and the app will tell you how “dirty” they are and what makes them good or bad for you skin.

Dark Red Lips!


Last night I went to Halloween Haunt with my friend and I decided to whip out an old dark lipstick I had in my massive lipstick collection. Unfortunately I’ve had this lipstick for awhile and before I changed my make up standards so it is a Maybelline Lipstick and they do test on animals šŸ™ I’m going to link a few I like here, here, and here, from brands that don’t test on animals!


Nourish Organic Face Cleanser!

I found this gem via Target and my Think Dirty App! My mom and I were looking at target for a new face wash for me and we were using the Think Dirty app to scan and look up everything. On the app if the product rates as a 10 it is super bad for your skin and 0 is the best for your skin. This Nourish Organic face cleanser was a ZERO! I was super excited to try it out and so far both me and my skin love it!

These Are A Few of YOUR Favorite Things!

On Instagram I asked you guys to send in some of your current favorite things to share with me and everyone reading this post! If you want to participate the next time I do this you can follow me on Instagram @martabean.

Ryley’s current favorite thing is reading poetry.

Kathryn’s current favorite thing isĀ silkĀ almond milk pumpkin spice creamer.

McKenna’sĀ current favorite thing isĀ songs by Panic! at the Disco.

Sidney’sĀ current favorite thing isĀ her cute dog.

Hannah’s current favorite thing isĀ Jesus (always).

Natalie’sĀ current favorite thing isĀ the crisp fall air.

Vana’sĀ current favorite thing is Kuwait City, Kuwait


Always remember to Love Who You Are <3

xoxo, marta bean.




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