Having a bad day is one of the worst feelings ever. To experience a full day of grumpiness is so draining and sometimes can feed into your mood the next day.

Last week I personally had a REALLY bad day and to be completely honest with you all, I did not handle it very well. Due to that bad day I wanted to write a blog post about what you should do on a bad day. You know when someone tells you “you should take your own advice”? It sucks to hear sometimes but I try to use my blog this way. I take lessons from my life and write about them because I know I would have liked to have them as a resource when I was going through something. So here is a blog post about all of the things you should do when you are having a bad day <3 let’s hope I look back on this blog post the next time I’m having a bad day too haha!


  • The main thing you want to focus on when having a bad day is comforting yourself. You’re in a grumpy mood and you need to cheer yourself up so what do you do? Here are a few ideas 🙂
    • If you love to bake, put some time aside to make a super yummy dessert. I recommend doing something with chocolate because chocolate has been scientifically proven to put people in a better mood. I will link a source here.
    • If you aren’t really the baking type I am granting you permission to cruise on through your favorite fast food line. Go easy on your body and health and only choose 1-2 junkie items from the menu. I would personally go to Wendy’s and get a chocolate frosty with some fries. If you are on a diet, you can make a bad day a cheat day because comfort is key and trust me, diet food is NEVER comforting enough.
    • If food isn’t your thing, try doing a spa night. If you can’t afford to buy a face mask, try making one at home! Making one will also take your mind off of whatever it is that’s bothering you.
    • Get it out. If you feel like you need to cry then cry. Turn on sad music, or a sad show, or maybe read a sad book and let yourself feel. Do this for an hour max and then give yourself a pep talk. Listen to happy music and dance, or watch a funny show, or read a funny book. Let yourself have your sad girl hour but then immediately after its time to cheer up and move on. Whatever it is that made you have a bad day, its so small compared to the rest of your life. Don’t let it consume your day.
    • My last tip is to take a walk. Walking is so therapeutic and can be so relaxing. It can also help you think straight and clear your mind. If you are walking somewhere you feel safe enough, leave your phone behind and escape from the virtual world for a bit and be present with your mind and body.


There are so many other things you could do on a bad day but these are the ideas I wanted to focus on today. But please, if you have something you like to do when you’re having a bad day, comment it down below for everyone to read!

If you are reading this in the middle of a bad day, I hope your day gets better. You are loved and you will get through it. Try to force yourself to smile right now!

Remember to always love who you are <3

xoxo, marta bean.


A poem I wrote for bad days.

Today was a bad day.

I can be mad about it and worsen my mood.

Or I can laugh about it.

Laugh about how today

the Universe decided to play the role of a sibling

and do everything it could

to made things not go my way.

As I laugh I realize that

I am grateful to live in a world where bad days happen.

How boring would good days be if we could never experience the bad ones?


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