The week leading up to my first day of school was very stressful. How was I going to manage being a fashion major, business major, and keep up with my job as a sales associate at Madewell? To be completely honest with you I still haven’t quite figured out how to yet but here is how my first day as a double major went!

I was full of anxiety as I drove to school but I could not figure out what was causing me to be so anxious. Why was I so stressed over school starting? I have never in my life been so nervous for school, but I honestly believe the stress wasn’t about grades or making friends, it was about my mental well being (if you haven’t watched my latest youtube video I would watch that so you have a better understanding of what I am going to briefly explain). My freshman year of college was awful for me mental health wise. And I didn’t leave VCU for the summer on good terms. I was ready to get the h-e double hockey sticks out of there. I took the summer to fix myself and really grow as a person. But on my drive to school I was so fearful of relapsing back into my old habits. It wasn’t until I was walking to my first class that I felt all of the weight lift off my chest. I was happy. For the first time in a long time I was walking around on VCU’s beautiful campus as a happy person.

This made me realize that every single day can be a new beginning. Going back to school does not mean you are going back to a previous chapter in your life. It’s a brand new one. Once I felt the storm of anxiety leave my body I felt so content and excited for the upcoming school year. Heck, I was walking to my first ever fashion class! How exciting?!?

This year I am taking a class called Computers of Fashion. In this class I will be learning how to use many of the adobe softwares such as indesign and photoshop! We will learn how to create fashion mood boards and will also learn how to design our very own patterns! I’m also taking Calculus, Accounting, an online class about spreadsheet making (sounds SOOOOO fun), an art history class, and a Business class! My fashion one is what I’m looking most forward too!

School for me is a stepping stone into my big dreams and I’m ready to give this year my all! I hope you all have an amazing school year!


My first day outfit!

top: madewell (similar here)

skirt: madewell (similar here)

belt: madewell

necklace: madewell

bracelet: Mejuri

bag and bandana: madewell

don’t worry guys, I’m trying really hard to start expanding my wardrobe to more than just madewell!

Remember to Love Who You Are!

xoxo marta bean.



  1. Linda
    September 5, 2018 / 8:07 am

    Love your story

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