What relationship do you have with your hair? Do you air dry it and hope for the best or do you spend an hour doing it every morning? Do you wash it every day or maybe 1-2 times a week? Do you know the name of your shampoo by heart or do you grab whichever one smells the best?

Everyone has a different relationship with their hair. Today I want to talk to you all about my hair and the relationship I have with it, and I also reached out to my dear friend Olivia and asked her to write about her hair growth since she decided to grow it out after chopping it super short. She has been a huge inspiration to my own hair growth journey and I wanted to pick her brain a little and learn more about her story and share it with you all. Grab a notebook because we both have some awesome tips and stories for you!

Marta‘s Hair Story

My relationship with my hair has been very complicated. I used to be the girl who’s entire mood would be off if her hair didn’t look good. Bad hair days were the bane of my existence. Growing up, I really loved dying my hair. I was born with platinum blonde hair and I spent my entire high school career trying to achieve that color again. I got pretty darn close to it.


During my senior year, my hair was the longest it has ever been and boy do I miss it now. Around December of 2016 I decided I wanted to chop it all off. My hair was pretty fried at this point from four years of bleaching it and it was getting super hard to take care of. Plus once you get the idea of cutting your hair in your head…you CAN’T get it out. So snip snip snip.


I felt so free. My hair stylist curled it so cute and I loved it…then the very next night I distinctly remember having a mental breakdown because I had no idea how to curl it in a cute way and I ended up having to straighten over the frizzy disaster I had created. Oh what a night that was. But as I learned how to style it, I loved my short hair. And rocked it for several months. Until of course I got bored. So I went brunette. (I want to let you all know, I am laughing so hard at myself as I type this hair journey story. I am just always changing my mind).


At the time I LOVED my dark hair and when I look back on pictures of it, I still love it. I have no regrets about the choice. It was super sleek and shiny and it looked so healthy. I loved the dark color against my pale complexion and soft green eyes.

After I dyed my hair dark, I really started to pay attention to how I took care of my hair. My hair stylist hooked me up with the best of the best shampoos and conditioners. I would put hair masks in my hair once a week. I used heat protectant whenever curling it, and always sprayed it with some random ultra shine mist I bought from the drugstore. My hair was starting to become super healthy again which I LOVED <3

As my hair grew out, the brunette toner faded and the blonde peeked through. But the majority of my hair was natural and untouched.


But this was during college. When I was personally going through the hardest time with my self image and body positivity. I just could not fall in love with myself and the way I looked, no matter how hard I tried. I am so grateful that I have made a huge progress in my journey since then but at the time I was looking for something to make me feel pretty. One night my friend and I were talking about my hair phases and she said how much she loved my short blonde hair and how pretty it was. So snip snip, dye dye.

IMG_1093 2IMG_1092 2

Thank GOD I only did a few highlights because my hair remained so healthy. I was still taking great care of my hair but eventually I just really wanted to go red. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair red since 7th grade and I finally got the courage to do so. You can read more about me going red in my blog post here.

IMG_5973 2

I feel like the red hair is going to be around for awhile because I have never felt more like myself. I think I was born to be a redhead.

The first time around I went with a super fun red for the summertime (pictured above). But today I went in for my touch up and we decided to keep it super natural.


I asked my hair dresser if she thought my hair was healthy and she said it was so here are my hair tips 🙂

  • Find a shampoo that works for your hair. Don’t look at the price or the brand, take the time to find one that makes your hair feel and look good. Here is a link to mine.
  • Push the grease. Over the summertime I go hardcore on this tip. Try to wash your hair as little as possible. I usually curl it or rock it natural for two days, then maybe a half up half down or messy bun, and then a slicked back ponytail for a day or two and then I wash it. This will help your hair grow SO SO much! And you shouldn’t be washing your hair every night.
  • Tone it, don’t dye it. When I went red the first time, my hair dresser used a toner and that’s also what she uses for touch ups (except for the few highlights she adds in). Toner is so much better for your hair than permanent dye and I actually like how toner fades out. It helps me find the color I like the best in my hair.
  • Moroccan Oil. Oh my gosh. Where has this magical oil been all my life…oh, that’s right…its SO PRICEY. But ladies, if you are going to splurge on anything for your hair, it is Moroccan Oil. I put it in my hair every time its wet and let it air dry and <3 <3 <3 my hair feels AMAZING.

Over the years, me and my hair have had a rocky relationship but we are finally in such a good place. I’m happy with myself and the way I look and I’m taking good care of my hair and am rocking a color that I love on myself.


Olivia’s Hair Story


I still remember the first time I made the choice to cut my hair short, not my parents, just me. It was November 2015; I remember I was wearing a brownish-purple turtle neck cause I thought that it would look good with my new short hair. It didnʼt stay short for very long and looking back it wasnʼt even THAT short of a haircut. The following year in September I cut it even shorter than I did before.

IMG_1154I remember that time of the year being very hard for me and, come to think of it, I think that was a lot of the reason I cut my hair. All of my friends had gone off to school at this point. They were making new friends, experiencing a new environment, doing new things. I went to a community college in the same city, in my same house, with the same bedroom. I wanted some change like everyone else was getting, just something different and exciting… so I cut it off again, this time REALLY short. Almost a month later, I wanted my hair long again; it always seems to go that way…you cut it off and moments later want it long again. But when it’s long you want it short. The never ending cycle. Growing it out has been nothing short of a waiting game.

IMG_1102IMG_1101Iʼve tried plenty of different hair growth pills to make the waiting seem accelerated; Sugar Bear, It Works!, and Hair La Ve, just to name a few. I’ve switched shampoo and conditioner ample times, trying to find whichever one will make my hair grow while maintaining my soft curls, until just recently. I went to my hairdresser and she claimed to be going through the same desire, wanting long hair without the wait. She told me “[hair] seems to grow more when you try less”, mentioning that she was going to stop taking hair, skin, and nails pills for awhile. I decided to join her and put my monthly subscription for HSN pills on hold. Iʼve seen a lot of progress in my hair since then, not only in its growth but  its texture, curl, and volume.

IMG_1997IMG_1155I think itʼs important to make sure your body, or hair in this case, doesnʼt get too familiar with your regimen to avoid diluting the effects youʼre trying to achieve. As for now, I am still off of any and all hair growth pills. I wash my hair every 2-3 days with Function of Beautyʼs shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for my hair and its needs. Every now and then I set aside some time to do a hair mask or leave some argan, coconut, or moroccan oil in a hair cap overnight. Another important hair health tip that Iʼm sure all of you know; donʼt over process your hair! Iʼve never dyed my hair and I only straighten it maybe twice a year and I think thatʼs a big reason why it stays healthy. Although “getting your hair trimmed in order to help it grow” is a myth, I still make sure to stop in the hair salon every 3-5 months so I wonʼt have to play catch up on my split ends once itʼs grown out. Overall, your hair is just like any other extension of your body. What you put into it has a lot to do with what comes out. Make sure youʼre getting enough protein and healthy oils in your day to day diet!


End of July 2018

Remember to always love who you are <3

xoxo, mar.

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