Cute workout clothes make workouts 10x better, am I right ladies?

My cute workout leggings are from White Fox Boutique and my top is from Madewell!

Anywho! Today I tried my first ever pilates class and I LOVED it! I asked you guys on my Instagram if you would want a blog post on my first impressions and experience and you all voted yes!

When I first walked into the door, I was pretty surprised to see a bunch of equipment. My grandma had told me we would be laying down on benches but these benches are not what I expected! They are called Pilates Reformers if you want to look up a nice visual 🙂 Honestly I was a little scared after spotting those but the Reformers ended up being easy to use. All us girls each found a Reformer and waited patiently for our instructor. Our instructor was AMAZING. He was so funny and was cracking jokes left and right. He was very outgoing and would burst into a deep belly laugh every five minutes.

It wouldn’t be a true workout class experience if I didn’t embarrass myself. So, as we were warming up he asked if anyone had any injuries. I KNEW I should have bit my tongue but when he came by me I whispered that I had pretty bad shin splints. Yea, so that did not stay a secret between us and it became one of the running jokes of the class. I knew he meant serious injuries but last time I got shin splints I couldn’t squat without wanting to burst into tears. So I was a little worried! My shins were fine most of the class, they hurt pretty bad during one move but I pushed through because I was not about to bring the joke back up.

I did the beginner class today and it definitely felt like a beginner class. The moves were slow and steady, I only broke a sweat once, and our instructor was very hands on, making sure we did everything right. I never felt sore during the workout, at times my body was shaking, but overall it was a great workout. I already feel a little soreness in my legs.

My final thoughts on my first pilates class are very good. I enjoyed the slow and steadiness of the class. It felt like a mix between yoga and a regular at home workout. I know it’ll get more fast paced as we work our way up in to intermediate classes. I still love my high intensity weight lifting and kickboxing classes, but after a long stressful day, this is exactly the kind of workout I want to do.

If you have a pilates class near you or at your gym I highly recommend you try it out <3

Remember to always love who you are!

xoxo, marta bean.


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