Us short hair gals deserve easy ways to make our hair look cute! I feel like people who cut their hair and say “my short hair is so much easier to style” have magical hair, because my short hair is not easier to style than my long hair.

I have long layers in my hair to add dimension, because my hair is pretty thick and would look silly without them, but BOY do those layers play against me, instead of with me at times. So, when I discovered this super easy way to get a beach babe/mermaid waves hair look, I knew I had to share it with you guys because it is SO easy. Seriously, it’s 2 steps easy.


First, start with wet hair, wether its pool wet, shower wet, or beach wet, it will all work (mine was pool wet). Then you’re going to wait until your hair is almost dry. Not towel dry, but the kind of dry where you’ve been blow drying your hair forever, you’re crunched on time, so you kinda stop half way. That’s the perfect dry.

Now if you have thin hair, spray this bad boy (not your mother’s beach babe) in your hair a good 5 times and scrunch your hair upwards a lot, it will look kinda crazy but thats good!

If you have thick hair like me, you’re going to need to spray this in your hair 10 plus times. This changed everything for me. I’ve had this product forever now and would only ever spray it a few times. No no no, you gotta spray it way more for thick hair. I sprayed a good bit on top before I started lifting my hair up and spraying my under layers. Just like our thin hair gals, you’re going to scrunch the heck out of your hair with your hands and fingers. Scrunching your hair will add volume and create the waves. If your hair looks straight, it will dry straight. So after you scrunch your hair, it should look kinda wavy.

Now the hardest part of this tutorial is letting your hair dry WITHOUT touching it. The more you run your hands through your hair, the more oil you are putting back into it, and oil will only start to flatten, and straighten the waves.


Once dry my hair looked like this. If you are out and about and doing this tutorial then you are done here. But if you have access to a curling wand its time for step 2. Now this next step is what I call a “cheat step” but hey, us short hair gals deserve a short cut.

I took my curling wand and curled two HUGE chunks of hair, one on each side of my part Ā (in the front). Then, I curled a thin face framing piece on each side and two random pieces to just add some…well, random texture. These curls took me about 30 seconds to do total and look at the difference it made.


IMG_8038 2

Those few curls at the front create an illusion that the rest of my hair is tousled and wavy. I wore my hair like this to an outing with my co-workers and received many compliments šŸ™‚ <3

Obviously, if you are laying out at the beach or somewhere without curling iron access, then you can’t add the curls but I personally still LOVE the hair before adding the curls. I would say before the curls is a “beach babe hairstyle” and then with the curls is a “mermaid waves” hairstyle.

I hope you guys liked this blog post! I have a poll up on my Insta Story asking if I should do another hairstyle blog post on Wednesday! Make sure to go vote šŸ™‚

Remember to love who you are!

xoxo, marta bean


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