Everybody is different. Every body is different.

Since everybody is different not every single person is going to like a trend and since every body is different not every single person is going to look good in a specific trend. Welcome to today’s topic…


Sorry if it sounds a little harsh but it is something everyone needs to know. Society has tied the two terms being trendy and being cool together and I want to take a jumbo pair of scissors and snip that tie in half. You can be cool without being on trend because not everyone trend is for you. Right now how many things are currently trending? I bet you can think of at least a handful of things, am I right? There are always going to be multiple things on trend at a time, that way people can pick and choose which ones they like! The fashion industry does not expect everything to look good on everyone, that’s why casting models for them is such an important aspect.

I feel like the best way to talk about this topic is to first address three trends that don’t work for me!

1. Fake Glasses

In the above photo I am wearing fake aviator-esc glasses that I thought were the CUTEST thing ever when I saw them on my friend Sara and on a bunch of Instagram models. So, of course, I got myself a pair. They were super trendy and super cool on other girls, I had to have them! When I got them I wore them and thought I looked super cute until my boyfriend hesitated when I asked him what he thought. And thank god he did! I looked so silly instead of cool and fashionable. They look kinda cute in the photo above but thats because I’m doing a silly/quirky pose!


Here you can see how round and unflattering they make my face look. They look quirky and like I should be dressed in a costume while on other guys and girls they look super trendy. At first it kinda sucked that they didn’t look too great on me. I was really excited about them, but I moved onto the next trend and fell in love with something else!

2. Cropped Jeans

I am Miss Long Leg McGee, and me and cropped jeans are not a cute combo. Regular length jeans are already cropped on me! I’ve technically been doing this trend for a long time now haha! I love this trend on other people but the reason it doesn’t work for me is because I can’t buy any of the cute crop jeans because they will look ridiculously short on me! I have to make my own!

3. Berets

I FREAKING LOVE BERETS! I have tried on so many berets and I just cannot decide if they look good on me or not! Parisian fashion is my favorite and I wish I rocked this trend this past winter but every time I went to the store to try one on I just couldn’t tell if I liked it or not. Maybe they do look good on me and maybe I’ll grow to the love them. But when I would look into the mirror I wasn’t in love with the way I looked and I always want to love what I’m wearing.


Believe me when I say there are so many more trends out there that probably don’t work for me but by now I hope you all get what I am trying to say.

Don’t take it to heart if something that is super trendy doesn’t look good on you. It doesn’t make you any less cool or any less trendy. Instead of giving up, try and put your own twist onto the trend and make it work for you. Trends are constantly changing and you don’t have to jump on the bandwagon of every single one. Make sure to stay true to your style and what makes you feel pretty. It’s good to branch out and try new things but don’t get discouraged if some of the things don’t work out!

Trying on clothes can always be a very emotional thing to do but next time you go out keep this blog post in mind! Everyone is different and there will always be someone who will look goofy in something someone else looks great in!

Remember to always love who you are!

xoxo, marta bean.


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