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So I may have taken my obsession with the little mermaid one step too far…but who cares! You only live once, am I right?

I WENT RED! I’ve wanted to do this for SUCH a long time now but I never had the guts to do it until now. I have always been super brave when it comes to dying my hair but I must admit I got a little nervous with this one. It was my first time ever dying my hair a color I couldn’t picture on myself. But as one of my fav YouTubers says “act confident and no one will question you” –Sarah’s Day.

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If you are considering going a solid color (like red, blonde, brunette, black, etc.) what I recommend the most is to get highlights first. This goes for any solid color! Say you want to go solid dark brown; first, ask your hair dresser to give you highlights. If you have highlights in your hair before dying it a solid color, it’ll give your hair depth and dimension.


Here you can see the blonde highlights I had in my hair before going red.

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In the photo above you can really see where my highlights used to be. My natural brown hair is what turned the darker red and my highlights became a light red. Having highlights first will make a HUGE difference.

Below I’m going to insert some of the inspiration pictures I sent to my hair dresser.

Julianne Hough has always been a big hair inspo of mine. She is always changing her hair and is always so confident with her looks and styles. My hair dresser was hesitant to take my hair a more orange route just because of my skin tone and she didn’t know how my hair would react to the dye because everyone’s hair takes to color differently. So we decided to go more of an auburn route like the second photo which I screenshotted from Pinterest.

It’s important to have multiple inspo pictures when getting your hair done because you will want to discuss the color options with your hair dresser. I love the relationship I have with mine, she wasn’t afraid to tell me that if I went more of an orange color it could come out VERY orange.

Inspiration photos also help ease your nerves. Look for women who have similar features as you and the hair color you want. If they can pull it off so can you! My two most dominant features in the regions of my hair is my super fair skin and my green eyes. I looked for red shades that would compliment my cool undertone, fair skin but a color that would also make my green eyes POP. I love the color we ended up choosing and I can’t wait for the summer sun to do it’s thing and brighten it up naturally.

If you want to go red, my biggest tip is to first consider the cost. You have to go red a few times before it starts to hold for a long period of time. Red washes out super fast, so plan to go to hair dresser at least three times before the color starts to stay.

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If you have any questions about the actual hair color and the process my hair dresser used to get my hair to this color please let me know in the comments. I will ask my hair dresser all of your questions and get the professional answer to them <3

Remember to always love who you are <3

xoxo, marta bean.

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