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I asked you guys on my Instagram what blog post you wanted to see next and my summer bucket list was the most popular option! So here we are ๐Ÿ™‚

Instead of me just listing my list, I wanted to make this post a little creative. I have some throwback pictures from previous summers that I’m going to use while listing some of the things I’ve already done in the past. Others won’t have a picture but those ones I’m most excited about because they are brand new things for me to experience!

Now let’s dive on in ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Go to a Sunflower Field


The past two summers I visited two different sunflower fields and they were both fails. The first year I went (the bottom photo) there was a giant heat wave. Not only were me and my friends dripping in sweat but all of the sunflowers were dying and drooping. My boyfriend Peyton called it “a Sunflower Massacre”.

The following summer (top image) the sunflowers weren’t fully bloomed, so the field wasn’t super full and the flowers weren’t very tall. Something both summers had in common was rain. The first time I ran back to my car soaking wet, with my vintage film cameras shoved into my white (see through when wet) blouse. Here is a link to the vlog of that day. The second time we had to make a pit stop at an ihop to wait out a tornado warning. Even though both trips the weather wasn’t on our side I still had so much fun andย I’m hoping to maybe have more luck this summer!

2. Paintball War

I have always wanted to have a paint ball war with my friend!. My boyfriend and I want to each invite a few friends to battle out against each other sometime this summer. I’ll admit I’m a little scared because I have very low pain tolerance but it’ll make me try even harder to not get hit! Plus, my inner young teen really wants to somewhat recreate the capture the flag scene from Divergent (paintball style).

3. Go to a ConcertIMG_5698

My goal this summer is to go see Taylor Swift (yay!). But I feel like concerts are always a fun time during the summer! My best friend and I saw Vance Joy in May and we got front row in the pit and it was amazing. Even if it’s a super small band, try and go see one concert this summer!

4. Berry Picking

Berry picking is something I haven’t done since elementary school. But recently this summer I’ve gotten really into baking and I think it would be so fun to go berry picking with some friends, take cute photos, and then make homemade fruit tarts. YUM!

5. Go to a Fair


Fairs are always such a fun time! You can take super fun and creative photos with your friends. Eat fried Oreos with no guilt. Try not to throw up on the crazy rides. And if you’re crazy like me get hypnotized! You heard that right, I was hypnotized with a bunch of other people at the fair. My boyfriend thought I was so funny that he bought a CD of the show from the hypnotist and my family now watches it everyone once in awhile and laughs at me when I start sobbing because I forgot my name (you had to be there).

My point is go to a fair near you (so many counties have one) and try some new things and let loose!

6.ย Go Hiking

Hiking is a good thing to have on your bucket list when pay day is far away and you’re tired of being a couch potato. It’s free and a super fun way to get some exercise. Do some research and find a trail near you with the best views and gather up some friends to go with. To make for a better photo op, wake up super early and plan a sunrise hike so you’ll hit the peak at sunrise or go in the afternoon and plan to reach the peak at sunset for some gorgeous pink sky photos. I only recommend doing this if you have hiked before because hiking in the dark is definitely more difficult and you should have experience.

7. Ice Cream Road Trip


When I went to visit my friends at Tech, they told me about how they want to go on an Ice Cream road trip around Virginia to try out all of these super cool ice cream places and that I should come with. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Right behind my love for donuts is my love for Ice Cream, especially on hot summer days. And there is nothing better than good ice cream. Not McDonald’s ice cream, but good, small business, family owned, ice cream (plus their ice cream machine will never be broken).

8. Tubing or Rafting

I have always wanted to go tubing or rafting down a river, and if you know anything about Virginia, it’s that we have plenty of rivers. Who needs an expensive water park when you can pay around $20 to raft down a river with friends?

9. Change My Hair


Shameless self promo: you should all follow my Instagram because that’s where you can see how many times I change my hair and I already know I can check this one off this coming Friday! I’m not going to tell you what I’ll be doing but soon I will be rocking a fresh new hairstyle.

If you’re scared to change your hair the best time to do it is over the summer, that way you can control who sees it if you don’t like it that much. But always remember hair grows back and you’re young! You should have fun with it now while you still can (advice from my hair dresser).

10. Buy a Camera

This is on my summer bucket list to motivate me to save up for a camera. I don’t think I will be able to afford one over the summer (if I end up being able to that will be GREAT). But we all know cameras are expensive but I want to be able to post and share the best quality photos I can for you all! I currently shoot with my iPhone 8 plus and it has great quality but nothing beats a nice DSLR.

11. Go to New York


This last one is the biggest stretch. Like a new camera, New York isn’t cheap but boy do I love that city/state. I’ve already checked off all the touristy things to do in the state in my past visits and I would love to go during the summer to visit and just enjoy my time and explore the not so popular parts. My favorite city in New York is SoHo (where the above photo was taken) but I really want to explore Greenwich Village next time I visit!


So that’s my summer bucket list so far! I hope my list inspired some of you to add some things to your own summer bucket list.

Comment down below one thing you want to do this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

I will chat with you all soon.

xoxo, marta bean <3


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