Happy Friday everyone!

Last night I stayed up pretty late working on this adorable photo wall by my mirror! I love taking cute #ootd mirror selfies but I didn’t want them to always be so plain and simple. So I decided to use my massive photo collection to decorate the empty space.

I thought this photo wall would be the perfect way to display all of my favorite photos of me with my family and friends. So if you too have a massive photo collection, all you need for this DIY is pictures and tape!



The pictures on the wall are a mix of Artifact Uprising Images (5×5), Instax mini polaroids, and Instax Wide Polaroids. I used one piece of tape rolled and placed on the back vertically to keep each photo on the wall! Instead of getting out a ruler and measuring gaps to create a straight column and row pattern, I decided to mix the pictures in the wall all together. I did this randomly to give the wall texture.


I love how the wall turned out! Bordering the whole wall is a line of my mini polaroids. Then inside the wall is a mixture of the three types of photos. I didn’t stick to a specific pattern because I wanted it to be random and a little imperfect.


Once I decide what I’m going to do with the wall above my bed I will be sure to show you guys but you already get a sneak peek at my diy bandana lights! I got my Cafe string lights from Target and ever since I started working at Madewell, I started to collect bandanas…it’s seriously an issue I already have so many! But instead of having them hidden in some drawer, I tied them onto my string lights in between bulbs and they look so stinking cute there!


I hope you all found some inspiration from this post! And also PLEASE ignore the open drawer in some of my photos…it is driving me CRAZY! I would retake them but Roxi (the cute puppy) has had enough of the mirror selfies for today.

I will chat with you all on Monday!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

xoxo, marta bean.

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