I feel like you can tell a lot about a person based off of what they choose to display on their bookshelf. In the photo above are the top three shelves of the adorable ladder bookshelf I purchased from amazon. You will be able to view what is on the two bottom shelves as soon as I finish decorating my room and post a room tour via this blog.

Now let’s dive into the top shelf. I purchased these three adorable vases from Ikea (similar here). The vases each used to hold fake flowers until I decided I didn’t like them anymore except for the Lamb’s Ear look-a-likes that remain in the middle vase. I’m still on the hunt for some dainty fake flowers and I will keep you updated when I find some! I love the simplicity of the three vases in a row on the top shelf. Their colors set a color scheme for the rest of the shelf.

On the second shelf we will start with an image of me and my boyfriend Peyton (you can stalk his Instagram here). This is by far my favorite photo of us and it was taken by our close friend Bryan with a film camera. There’s something about the film look to the photo and how Peyton and I were positioned perfectly so you can’t see our lips touching…just enough privacy and romance to make it the perfect smooching photo. According to my momma I need to update the picture frame for one that matches my aesthetic more but for now this one will do!

Next in line is my unicorn piggy bank, that I purchased from Home Goods (similar here). I feel like I rarely use cash anymore but yet I somehow always end up with loose change. I like to fill this cute little guy up and then dump the change into my savings account. The unicorn piggy bank is holding up some important books. The first book is “Stuff Every Vegetarian Should Know” by Katherine McGuire. I bought this book when I was a vegetarian during my freshman year at college, I had to quit when I started gaining weight from all of the carbs I was eating and I have it displayed on my shelf to motivate me to try to be vegetarian again. I made it almost four months before freshman 15 started hitting a little too fast. The next book is titled “Mermaids: The Myths, Legends, and Lore” by Skye Alexander. Peyton and I gift each other books for our yearly anniversaries and this was one of the ones he gifted me. This summer I will have to do a full blog post about my love for mermaids and how they have a positive affect on my life (I promise I’m not a werido haha!). The next two books are my polaroid photo albums that I purchased from amazon! I already filled these two up and need to order another one for the summer time! Sadly I’m running out of colors in this particular size and I fear that I may have to change my album brand. I just love how tall these are and how the pictures sit in the slots vertically. The next book over is “It” by Alexa Chung. This book is simply badass and by far the coolest book to read and flip through. I love how personal and informative the book was all while including awesome images and story telling that maintained Alexa’s spunky personality. The last book on this shelf is my favorite book of all time and that is “I’ll Give You the Sun” by Jandy Nelson. This book is simply amazing and I could read it over and over and over again. It is written so beautifully, tugs at the heart strings at the right times, ends perfectly, and the characters are very unique. If this isn’t already on your summer reading list it should be.

On the third shelf down the first thing is my Pentax camera. I wish shooting with this camera wasn’t so expensive. I used to develop my pictures with Walgreens until they threw out two rolls of film because they were “over-exposed” which wasn’t true because they easily developed the other rolls of film taken on the same day. Shipping my film off to a lab is currently a little to pricey for my college student budget so here my camera sits awaiting the day I decided to splurge on new film and a film lab. I always love shooting with my Pentax and the images always turn out beautifully. Next up is my glass Cactus that I got from Home Goods (similar here). In the past I haven’t been the most successful plant mom and I have actually killed quiet a few succulents. I hope to get some real plants down the road and potentially redeem myself but for now my glass cactus will do. The journal under my Salt Rock is a constellation journal from Target. I love writing poetry and even though I’m only successful at writing in free verse I love jotting down poem ideas in this little journal. Sitting on top is my Salt Rock candle holder. My room is a positive vibes only place…especially before Nap time and Bedtime so I like to light this guy before those two times to create a positive environment for my slumber.

I hope getting to know a little backstory behind the items on my bookshelf let you all get to know me a little better than what I shared with you in my last post!

Let me know in the comments below what’s on your bookshelf!


marta bean.



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