Who is the girl in the photograph above?

The girl in the photograph loves flower fields and (at least) twice a year she drags a handful of friends to discover a new one with her. She is a hardcore Swiftie and is most likely always listening to Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, or Ed Sheeran. She works a part time job at Madewell and loves to bake. Her room is most likely messy and if it ever appears clean there is most likely a pile of things shoved into her closet. She has a massive collection of over 500 polaroid pictures that she has taken with her very own Polaroid camera gifted to her in 2014. She loves candid photos and red lipstick. She doesn’t have favorite songs…she has favorite lyrics. She is a professional notebook hoarder and loves making lists. 110% a control freak but she’s working on fixing that…well, she’s trying her best. Her closest friends refer to her as the mom of the friend group and her boyfriend knows her as his biggest fan. The girl in the photograph is also watching FRIENDS for the third time through now and her favorite episode is “The One Where No One’s Ready”. The girl is nineteen years old and 5’6… when standing up straight. The girl in the photograph is me, Marta Bean.

Why is Marta Bean typing in third person? Maybe because she is trying to start off the blog with a creative viewpoint, but do not worry, third person Marta Bean ends now.

Hello beautiful person who is currently reading this blog! First I want to say thank you so much for stopping by and reading my first blog post! I hope you know a good chunk about me so far from the introductory paragraph but now I want to dive into what you should expect to see from this blog. I want to post content on this blog that applies to girls from the age of thirteen to the roaring twenties! My blog will be concentrated on my style and outfits I’m loving, but I also want to blog about motivation, dream chasing, dealing with doubt and fears, and other more serious “pep talk” topics. I also hope to one day begin my journey of traveling the world and I of course want to take you all with me on that journey via aesthetically pleasing photos and beautiful words! Hair care and skin care will also be a popular topic on this blog because being a nineteen year old gal, I have a constant battle with acne and I also love to frequently dramatically change my hair color and style. *cough cough* expect a dramatic change on June 8th *wink wink*.

I hope this first post isn’t overwhelming but instead an exciting sneak peak into what it’s like to be me and what to expect from this little blog of mine!

I myself am very excited for the adventure and cannot wait to begin to get to know you all in the comments below.

Chat with you all soon!


marta bean.



  1. May 25, 2018 / 1:27 am

    I’m in need of more life style/skinny skin and hair care tips!

    • May 25, 2018 / 1:53 am

      yay! I will definitely have post up for these topics soon!

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